Seawolf Plaza

Seawolf Plaza is great space which located between the Student Center and Recreation Center. Seawolf Plaza features LoboVision, the jumbotron on the east wall of the Recreation Center. LoboVision is generally used for digital signage and can be reserved in conjunction with events in Seawolf Plaza. 

Tech and audiovisual needs must be communicated and added to the reservation at least 20 business days before your event. Please notify Conference & Event Services


Ballroom showing tables and chairs

Lobo Vision features the following tech capabilities:

  • HDMI port and VGA connection for computer or video

  • Two XLR ports for microphones

Student Center Operations

Ballroom B, C, and D showing tables and chairs

Student Center Operations can also provide the following tech for the space:

  • Sixteen channel digital mixing board
  • Professional quality PA system and microphones 
  • Uplighting 
  • WIFI access

Seawolf Plaza Gallery


For more information and to reserve a space, please visit the Conference & Event Services (CES) website: