Info + Ticket Desk

The Information + Ticket Desk is located on the first floor of the Student Center and is staffed daily during operating hours. There is always someone available to assist you with your question, directions, and so much more.

Info + Tickets Desk hours match the building operational hours, which can be found on the Student Center homepage.

Please Come and Visit Us for the Following Services:

Drop-in Valley Room Reservations

Don’t have a space reserved for a last-minute club or organization meeting or group project? No problem! If there is an available Valley Room you are welcome to request a drop-in reservation at the Info + Ticket Desk. Drop-in reservations are first-come-first-served for immediate use. You will be required to leave your student ID with our staff at the Info + Ticket Desk until you are finished using the space. A Student Center Tech Pack is available upon request. A Tech Pack consists of a: HDMI Cord, HDMI to Mac Adapter, RCA-AUX Cord, DisplayPort to HDMI, Extension Cord, and an AUX Cord. Please make sure all cords are returned once you are finished. If further assistance is needed a Student Center staff member would be happy to help.

Tabling in Seawolf Plaza

Is your chartered club or SSU organization interested in tabling in Seawolf Plaza? Come and visit the Info + Tickets Desk for availability, Tabling Request Forms, and to answer any questions you may have. 

Tabling Guidelines 

  • Your organization may only check out one table at a time during a selected time slot but may sign up for more than one-time slot in a single day. 
  • One form allows you to check out a table for up to a one-week period. Reservations will not be accepted more than two weeks in advance. Reservations will begin the first day of each semester. 
  • At the time of your reservation, a student I.D. must be presented and held at the Info + Tickets desk for the duration of the reservation. 
  • Student Center tables must be placed in approved tabling areas only. Tabling in front of Seawolf Plaza furniture and the use of plaza furniture while tabling is not permitted. 
  • Tables may not be set up within twenty feet of any entrances or emergency exits. 
  • Only one organization is permitted to use amplified music. Please check existing reservations for availability. On days Seawolf Plaza is reserved for campus events, no group will be permitted to play music.
  • Failing to cancel your reservation in advance or failure to show up during your reserved time for three occurrences will result in the organization's loss of the privilege for the remainder of the semester.
  • To cancel any of your reservations, please visit the Info + Tickets Desk or call a minimum of two hours prior to the start of your reservation time at (707) 664-2382.

Flyers, Posters, and A-frames

Flyer: Any University chartered club, department, and other on-campus organizations can leave flyers promoting their events and programs at the Info + Tickets Desk. The flyer must be cut down to ¼ of the size of a standard piece of printer paper. Any flyers that are too big, will be removed. For more information please ask a staff member working at the Info + Tickets desk.

Poster: Any University chartered club, department, and other on-campus organizations can post their own posters on any designated University bulletin board throughout campus.  

A-frame: Any University chartered club, department, and other on-campus organizations can place an a-frame in Seawolf Plaza. A-frames can be placed on a first come first serve basis. A-frames may not block entrances, exits, or pathways and cannot be left up longer than two weeks at a time. 

Ticket Sales

Interested in purchasing tickets for an upcoming show, performance, or trip? Tickets may be purchased in-person at the Info + Tickets desk during Student Center operating hours.

Can't make it to campus but want to purchase tickets? You can make ticket purchases online!

Lost and Found Policy

The Student Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items belonging to individuals and/or organizations using the building or our campus. Items found and/or turned in to the Student Center will be sent to the Seawolf Service Center Lost and Found the same or following business day if Seawolf Service Center is closed. Check out the Seawolf Service Center Lost and Found website for more information. To claim an item, individuals must present a current photo ID and a physical description of the item.